Dental Services Near Sugar House

Experience Many Treatments All in One Dental Office

We provide dental patients with care that is not only high-quality, but comprehensive. Our number-one goal is helping dental patients of all ages achieve positive oral health and a beautiful smile with dentistry services near Sugar House that cater to everyone’s needs. Over the past two decades, we’ve  built a reputation thanks to our dedication to dental excellence and oral wellbeing. Whether you need a basic preventive exam, restorative treatments to repair or enhance your smile, or simply a place to call your new dental home, Dr. Teeple, Dr. Walker, and their team are the people to meet! Keep reading to learn more about our available dental services near Sugar House. 


Family Dentistry

Making dental care easy and comfortable for your whole family is just one of our many specialties. While we provide basic exams and cleanings to catch underlying issues if they appear and remove harmful plaque and tartar that’s already present, you can also take advantage of fluoride therapy, dental sealants, periodontal charting, and dental education dedicated to teaching patients of all ages what matters most in your at-home routine.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Just because you have a healthy smile does not mean that you are necessarily happy with your smile’s appearance. After confirming no dental problems are present, we’re more than happy to discuss cosmetic treatments that make your smile truly pop. Whether it’s through dental bonding, porcelain veneers, Lumineers, teeth whitening, ClearCorrect, or tooth-colored restorations, we’ll make sure you are truly satisfied with your smile’s appearance before you leave. You deserve to feel confident about your looks and we look forward to changing the way you feel about smiling moving forward.


Emergency Dentistry

We understand that dental emergencies can be difficult to recognize at first, which is why we always make time to treat them if you experience one. Whether you have a toothache as a result of underlying decay/ infection or you suffered a bad fall that left your mouth damaged, we’re prepared to get you out of discomfort and on the path towards recovery. Our team and dental office are equipped to handle just about any dental emergency, so don’t wait to call!



Whether you’re young or old, it’s not too late to achieve a straight smile. Thankfully, you don’t have to settle with metal brackets and wires just to remove gaps in between your teeth or manage misalignment. With ClearCorrect, straightening teeth is as simple as wearing a series of plastic, transparent, custom-made aligners over a specific period of time. It’s a great way to straighten your smile without having to make dramatic changes to your daily habits or appearance.


Dental Implants

Tooth loss affects millions of people every year, and while there are multiple ways to replace teeth, only one treatment replaces them all the way down to the root. At our dental office, we provide dental implants, which work to replace both the root of the tooth as well as the visible crown. With their incredible esthetics, longevity and function, there is no other tooth replacement quite like dental implants!