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Get to Know Dr. Shona Teeple

Salt Lake City Utah dentist Doctor Shona Teeple

Dr. Teeple says that she has been a part of the dental world since she was four years old! She got her start in her father’s (Dr. Charles Walker) dental office doing small things like filing and licking stamps. Now a dentist herself, she loves that her job allows her to work directly with people, get to know them, and then solve their problems. For her, nothing is more rewarding than getting someone out of pain or helping them smile with confidence again. She looks forward to welcoming you into our dental office, and you can learn a little more about our trusted emergency dentist in Sugar House below.

Why Did You Decide to Become a Dentist?

Doctor Teeple and her father Doctor Walker

Growing up with a father as a dentist, it would have been easy for Dr. Teeple to follow in his footsteps right out of school. But, she wanted to forge her own path and eventually found herself conducting research at the University of Utah that focused on treating cardiac tissue that was damaged during a heart attack. While this was intellectually fulfilling, it lacked the human contact that she desired. This ultimately led her to do some volunteer work that consisted of going on multiple dental mission trips and running events (like the CARE Fair) where underprivileged communities could get free basic dental services. She loved this work, and after thinking about how much her father had enjoyed his 30+ year career, she decided that dentistry would be the perfect fit for her as well.

Where Did You Study Dentistry?

Outside view of dental school building

Dr. Teeple was a double major at the University of Colorado and graduated with degrees in molecular biology as well as physiology. She went on to earn her dental degree from the University of Indiana School of Dentistry. Dr. Teeple continues to take advanced training to further her knowledge and skillset, and to date, she has been certified to provide Invisalign. She is also an active member of the American Dental Association and Utah Dental Association.

Outside of the Dental Office, What Do You Like to Do?

Doctor Teeple and her husband

Dr. Teeple met her husband, CJ, while she was in dental school, and today, they are the proud parents of a baby girl. They also have a Dalmatian as well as a rescue cat. For Dr. Teeple, her free time is mostly dedicated to her family, and she loves to venture outdoors with her husband, daughter, and father so they can take in all the beautiful vistas that Utah has to offer. She also enjoys live music, especially when she can go to a show at Red Butte Gardens.